Author Porrello's Review

Author Rick Porrello contacted me and said my book was terrific and he couldn't put it down. It was so exciting to hear him say that because I admire his work and have great respect for him and his word. Porrello is the author of The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia, To Kill the Irishman (made into a movie) and Superthief (made into a documentary). He is presently putting together a blurb (review) for me to use on my book's cover, website and promotion. Thank you so much, Rick Porrello.

At the County Fair

Coincidence, serendipity? I was at Lorain County Fair in Wellington, Ohio to see the animals and stopped by the Lorain County Metro Parks display. Park Ranger Captain Mike spotted my husband's tee shirt that advertised my book, Rum Run. Captain Mike inquired about it as he also participates in border patrol's on Lake Erie. He was very enthusiastic about my book and wants me to let him know when it is published. He then introduced me to radio personality, Big John of WOBL 1320am who happened to be at the park 's booth. Big John wants to do a radio interview. I am grateful to Captain Mike for introducing me to Big John and to both of them for wanting to help promote my book. I am also gratefu

Book's first sale

Ron W. of Huron, Ohio is the first person to purchase my book and it isn't even published yet. Ron and his wife, Mary own a sail loft and it was the inspiration behind my main character, Rusty's boarthouse where he built the rumrunner. Ron and Mary were the ones who told me about the Old Wooden Boat Show (now called the All Classics Festival Show) years ago. With Ron's knowledge and love of Huron, the lake and its history, it made him a good candidate to read my advanced reader's copy. If I could please Ron and his wife Mary, I would then know I hit a home run with satisfying those who know and love Lake Erie. Ron said I nailed it, and that means a lot to me. Thank you, Ron and Mary.

LBOA Classic Boat Show

I am at the 15th Annual All Classics Festival held at the Huron Boat Basin in Huron, Ohio. Most of the boats are 25 years old and older, including some from the 1920s. The event is hosted by Lymans Boat Owners Association. Classic cars are also included as well as booths related to the event. The Huron River where this event takes place is feature in my novel, Rum Run, and it is where my main character, Rusty lives and builds the rum runner.

My First Review

I just received my book, Rum Run's first review. It is from Midwest Book Review, and my publisher and I are very happy with it. I have used my reviewer's quotes on my home page. Thank you D. Donovan of MBR for your review.

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