Round Three Proofing

Sent back the third proofread. Blank pages appear each time there are corrections. It should be very close to going to print but I would like to have another look after the publisher makes corrections. Very busy last couple of weeks with promos and getting my book launch together. I had my first interview with our local community newspaper yesterday. Interviewer hopes he can get it on the front page. That would be great. Publisher Gene and I have been suggesting title fonts for the book's cover. Many cool choices, but one will hit that we both will say "that's the one!!!"


Just finished round two- proofreading the pdf of the manuscript. The lay out is similiar to the look of the actual book so it was neat to see how it will appear. As much as I would like to say I am enjoying this, it is pretty intense and time consuming. Line by line, and hope nothing is missed. When the eyes get tired it is easy to miss problems. Also, as the writer, it is easy to read something there that isn't- too close. That is when a fresh eye is needed. Phew! Now to send it off to the publisher and await the third round!


It has been a very busy past week for me as book editing has begun. The good news is (at this point) there has not been a lot to do but minor things missed such as a period here, a second set of quotation marks there and word changes that are better choices. Not looking at my manuscript for eight months has given me a fresh eye and thus makes for a better manuscript. I have gone over it line by line in a short period of time which is a feat for me since I am a slow reader. This week, made the corrections, completed suggestions by my publisher, returned it and today received it back for another review this time in a format that has the actual look of the book. Despite a stiff neck and eyestr

Book Cover Painting

I completed my book's cover last week and sent it off to my publisher for his approval. I used acrylic paints on a medium tooth canvas and chose hot colors because they represent danger and warning. I also painted the sun white hot like a furnace. You could say the vulnerable little boat heading into the blazing setting sun is crossing over the frying pan into the fire.

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