The Villager Press Release

Publisher Bob Tuneberg of The Villager Magazine covered the story of Normandy switching to Nooks where I was the guest speaker. He then contacted me to do an article on Rum Run. It appeared in today's issue. I really appreciate the coverage in such a fine newspaper and the support of Bob in promoting my book.


I am waiting to see if I made the cut to either the Ohioana Book Festival in Columbus or as a Ohioana Book Award finalist. I had to have my application for the festival in by the end of December 2014 but won't have word until February. Richard K. nominated me for the Ohioana Book Awards. I am honored he thinks my book is worthy of nomination and deeply grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to compete for the honor of fiction award. To qualify for nomination, the book or the author has to have an Ohio connection. I believe there are four categories: fiction, non-fiction, poetry and children books. I heard upwards of 400 are entered. I have my fingers crossed and anxiously await news f

Return to Normandy

Jen L. and the book club at Normandy Senior Living invited me back to discuss my book now that they had read it. Big group with many good questions and wonderful insight. Their perceptions and conclusions were profound and informative. Writers need feed back such as this to see how their work is interpret and if communication is clear. Many had experiences or stories related to local Prohibition history and boating on Lake Erie. They were fascinating to hear. Again, THANK YOU Jen, Normandy and book club. I enjoyed being with you.

Fireside Chat at Avon Lake Library

Avon Lake Public Library hosted me for a Fireside Chat with an Author. It is a casual event where the author sit s in a comfy chair next to a crackling fireplace and answers questions from those seated around the hearth. I enjoyed the informal talk as people seem more relaxed and open. The group asked great questions about my book, Prohibition history of our area, my writing process and next book. I was glad to hear such interest in local history. Great audience and thanks to all attended. Thank you also to Karen S. who coordinated the event. The Fireside Chat is a super idea. Kudos to Avon Lake Public Library.

Rum Run Era Photographs

Bill C. of Vermilion sent me some fantastic copies of photographs taken around the era of Rum Run. Of particular interest was those from Huron which played a big part in the story. Bill's brother was a rum runner and used a trap net fishing boat fitted with aero-engines. His brother wrote a book called, As I Remember: Commercial Fishing Bootlegging. I am very glad I met Bill and his wife at my book launch and grateful to him for sharing his fascinating stories and photographs. With his permission, I am using some of his photographs in my presentations and displays.

New Year

After a break for Christmas, I am off and running in promoting my book in the new year. My friend, Dottie invited me to her Christmas party over the holidays, and my book was the buzz. I got to meet some wonderful people plus talk with old friends. Dottie's book club has chosen my book, RUM RUN for their February read and they invited me to meet with them to discuss the book. I am honored and excited to do so. I have also been invited by the Avon Lake Public Libray to do a Fireside Chat with An Author. Sounds fun and cozy, especially with the blowing snow and 10 degree temperature outside my window as I type this.

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