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An  action-packed historical novel set during the Roaring Twenties.


Available at,

 Sandusky Maritime Museum, 125 Meigs St., Sandusky, OH 44870   (419) 624-0274)

and Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Museum, 443 Catawba Ave., Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456   (419) 285-2804)

"We never made trouble or asked for it, but it found us. Is Prohibition really working or is it just another way to make money 'cause I see more booze flowing and more corruption than I did before the 18th passed. So tell me, Rusty, who are the bad guys?"     Al Trapani to Rusty

"Rum Run opens with a scene that sets a dynamic mood, and that excitement is sustained throughout the novel. This book is a wonderful blending of historical realism and fictional characters who demonstrate clearly the complexity of living with the realities of Prohibition."

                                              Jacqueline Justice, PhD, Associate Professor, BGSU Firelands College, 

                                              reviewer for Inlands Seas- the Great Lakes Historical Society's publication.



"This is one of the finest books that I have read in many years. This story has more twists and turns than you can believe and each page keeps you more riveted to keep reading."

                                           Ken Kohler, reviewer for Clinker- a publication of the Lyman Boat Owners                                                   Association and Messenger- a publication of the Sandusky Maritime Museum.



"...a satisfying and realistic story line backed by historical fact that make RUM RUN a winning account. ...embraces psychological depth as well as higher levels of politics in deception...that's what sets RUM RUN apart from many other stories of Prohibition activities."

D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


"With intense description and characters you'll love (or hate), R.C. Durkee holds readers breezing through this engaging tale of love, wickedness, revenge and morality."

                                                    Rick Porrello, author of To Kill the Irishman and Superthief

"The author's superior knowledge of the Lake Erie's southern shore is excellent. She drew me into the era...the action is exciting when introduced. I highly recommend this book."

Jeff Westerhoff, Historical Novel Society Reviewer

"RUM RUN is one of those books you just can't put down. It will be a hit with boaters, Lyman owners and anyone who loves a good read."

Heidi Langer, Lyman Boat Owners Association Program Manager

At first it was about the money,

and then, it became revenge.

Read the book and live the run.

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