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It is the summer of 1928 and Prohibition is in full swing. Rum running along Lake Erie's southern shore is as hot as Atlantic's Rum Row. Daring rumrunners make mad dashes across the lake from Canada to remote coves and sleepy fishing villages dotting Ohio's shoreline with Coast Guard often in hot pursuit.


When AB (Able Body) Seaman Rusty loses his job at the tug yard and cannot find work, everything he has worked for slips from his grasp. Desperate, he agrees to haul grape juice with his charter boat for the mysterious Trapani family's island vineyard to the mainland despite his suspicions it is not just juice.


When they offer him an opportunity to run illegal alcohol from Canada, he jumps at the chance, and his earnings grow along with his fame. As he slips into the underground world of rum running he soon realizes he is losing far more than his principles. He is jeopardizing his marriage and his safety. But getting out is not easy, and he soon finds himself the target of  hijackers and a sadistic, renegade Coast Guard captain.



The 1920's roar to life in this suspenseful, action-packed novel about love and revenge.

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