April 9, 2020

     My program, Rum Runners of Lake Erie, Gangsters or Good Guys? was scheduled for April 11, 2020 at the Maritime Museum of Sandusky but Covid 19, a.k.a. Corona Virus, has changed plans and lives for all of us. As much as I would like to think my program is essential, it is not.

     My favorite part of my program is audience interaction with story sharing and questions, so I asked the museum curator if I can reschedule at a later date, and he was happy to comply. Since the museum is planning a Prohibition display on the lake's rum running activities early summer 2021, he suggested my program to be rescheduled for then. Actually, it's perfect timing.

     Meanwhile, I thought you may be interested in how another global pandemic over one hun...

March 6, 2020

The evening of March 4 was well spent with the Brownhelm Historical Association as they hosted me to speak about the rum runners of Lake Erie. Their township saw much activity in the smuggling of illegal alcohol during Prohibition, and it was fascinating to hear their stories following the program. Attendance was larger than I expected with a head count around 80. Also in the audience was a group of high school students and their history teacher for an  extra credit assignment. It was a privilege to talk to them and I hope they enjoyed my program.  I can't say enough how impressed I am with Brownhelm's association members. These are very dedicated members who are constantly active in preservation, education and the community. Thank you, program coordinator Eri...

January 19, 2020

     Saturday weather began with snow, turning ice and then, rain, but it did not deter members of the Emma A. Chester Chapter of Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War from attending my program held at Bistro 83, North Ridgeville. 

     Thank you, Connie B. for inviting me to speak to your chapter. Last year, she invited me to speak to her chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution, so I truly appreciate her support of my work.

     Speaking to groups such as this, is a learning experience for me as well, as members often have fascinating information to share. I learned, for example, that Emma A. Chester, who their chapter is named for, was a nurse attending Union soldiers during the Civil War. There are local, state and national...

October 21, 2019

I had a wonderful time meeting the members of the Catawba Point Association Bookworms Club. What a great group! My book, Rum Run was selected for their read, and they invited me to speak at their meeting. Before the program, a tasty pot luck brunch was served, and afterwards, I was treated to a tour of the grounds which is the very tip of Catawba Point, a peninsula jutting out into Lake Erie, overlooking Mouse Island. This area is a setting of one of the action-packed moments in my book, so the tour was extra special! Thank you, Tracy for the tour! Thank you also for the invitation to speak to your club, and thank you to the member who brought my book to the club's attention. The kind words members said to me mean a lot, and encourage me to write on. You are a...

August 17, 2019

     Had another fantastic experience at Case Western Reserve University Leonard Gelfand Stem Center's SHIPWRECK CAMP held at Cleveland's beautiful University Circle CWRU campus in mid July. The young students are awesome, and organizers, instructors and volunteers are top notch. I never cease to be amazed at what the students do and create. I feel privileged to be part of this experience. I also had the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the parents of the students, and enjoyed our interesting discussions. Thank you, Kathy and crew for inviting me back!

     August, I attended a Civil War event held at Hale Farm and Village in Akron. The reenactors are always eager to share the history of the subject matter they are representing...

April 12, 2019

When I was invited to speak about my book and local Prohibition history by Heritage Avon Lake, little did I know my college history professor (from decades ago), Dr. Howard Ellis would be attending! It was Dr. Ellis who encouraged me to write, saying I could be the next James Michener, best selling author of historical fiction. He also was the one who advised me to use my initials in my author name. I took his advice and applied it. I regret the length of time that passed before I began writing historical fiction. While being the next James Michener and a best selling author is a tall order, without the inspiring words of Dr. Ellis, I might not have believed I had the "right (write) stuff" to attempt novel writing. Thank you, Dr. Ellis for giving me the confid...

March 10, 2019

     I was invite to speak about my book and local Prohibition rum running at the meeting of the Sons of the American Revolution. My friend, Norm M. attended. His great-great grandfather and mine were together in the same regiment and company during the Civil War. Last year, Norm provided me with a  copy of a photograph of their company taken in 1863. It is the only photograph I have of my 2xs great grandfather during the war, so I am so grateful to Norm for sharing that photo. Our grandfathers were pals like Norm and I are now. After my program was finished, I witnessed Norm's induction into the Sons of the American Revolution. Thank you, Charles W. and SAR President, Lance B. for inviting me to speak.

January 27, 2019

     I had a good turnout for my Lake Erie rum running program. Thank you, Doug H. for setting up the program and director, John M. for inviting me to speak. My book's setting includes the city of Sandusky. Afterwards, the museum director contacted me to see if I would be interested in helping with their new display about Lake Erie rum runners. That is a honor I don't want to pass up! If and when the display is finished, I will post a photograph of it. 

July 21, 2018

I had the privilege of being invited again as guest speaker for the 2018 Shipwreck Camp, Leonard Gelfand Stem Center based at Case Western Reserve University. This program is a blast and I enjoy participating in it. I was able to provide students with more information on the shipwreck of my great-great-great grandfather in a gale on Lake Erie. The wreckage of his vessel is still visible in shallow waters and subject of snorkeling and scuba dives. I also shared information on my writing and publishing experience as reading novels is part of the campers criteria. Camp coordinators, directors and instructors

Kathy, Jeff and Jason are so welcoming as are the camp counselors. What the campers do is simply awesome and they should be proud of what they accomplish. Ca...

May 11, 2018

May started off with a blast (artillery demonstration) at the Ohio Civil War Show in Mansfield,Ohio. The next day, I was honored to be guest speaker for the Daughters of the American Revolution's Firelands Chapter. They are a wonderful and welcoming group, and I enjoyed meeting them. A friend just informed me my book, RUM RUN is now for sale at Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Museum's gift shop, located at Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island. I am happy and honored to be included at such a distinguished place.

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