Huron Boat Show

When I took a break from my booth to walk around the docks at the All CLassics Festival in Huron, I was pleasantly shocked and excited to see my book on a number of boats' dashboards and seating areas. Wow. Thank you not just for buying RUM RUN but for advertising it on your boats.


As always, a great time here only this time I had a booth for selling & signing RUM RUN and was a program sponsor. I was (and am) blown away by the response to my story and the number of people who came to my booth to meet me and tell me how much they liked the story. One young lady drove back to her cottage in Sandusky to get her copy for me to sign. Wow. To those who stopped by and for those who bought the book, I am humbled and grateful. I so enjoyed talking with you. Thanks also to the DJ who interviewed me. I truly appreciate the promotion he gave me. THANK YOU to all who stopped by ! Hey- I got to remember not to wear the same tee shirt as last year. Must be because it is comfortable t

Program at Huron Library

I had a wonderful time meeting and talking with those who attended my program at Huron Public Library. I got to meet two of my followers, Ed & Nancy who have written reviews for which I am very grateful. Great questions asked at the Q & A following, and some pretty cool local Prohibtion stories shared by the audience. Thanks, Shirley and Huron Public Library for having me- you have a beautiful library.

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