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At the County Fair

Coincidence, serendipity? I was at Lorain County Fair in Wellington, Ohio to see the animals and stopped by the Lorain County Metro Parks display. Park Ranger Captain Mike spotted my husband's tee shirt that advertised my book, Rum Run. Captain Mike inquired about it as he also participates in border patrol's on Lake Erie. He was very enthusiastic about my book and wants me to let him know when it is published. He then introduced me to radio personality, Big John of WOBL 1320am who happened to be at the park 's booth. Big John wants to do a radio interview. I am grateful to Captain Mike for introducing me to Big John and to both of them for wanting to help promote my book. I am also grateful to my brother for designing and making the tee shirts for my Christmas present last year. These tee shirts are generating interest and inquiries, and opening doors that may never have been opened if we hadn't been wearing them.

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