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Vermilion Boat Club

During the ice sculpture festival in Vermilion, we stopped by the Vermilion Boat Club's open house. I always wanted to see inside. Perfect opportunity. Member Jim gave us a tour of the place and it is really nice and bigger inside than it looks from the outside. A crackling fire was inviting in the center fireplace and the members were very nice and welcoming. When they found out I am an author who wrote a book about rum running on Lake Erie with Vermilion as one of the places in the story, they got excited and want to book me for an event there. I am looking forward to it, also. It was great meeting you Jim, Janice, Lori-the club's rear commodore, Jeanette (from Liverpool, England) and John. I had a fun time talking with you. Nice club. Glad I dropped in. Visit Vermilion Boat Club here.

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