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Inland Seas Review

Dr. Justice of BGSU Firelands gave RUM RUN a fantastic review in the Great Lakes Historical Society's publication, INLAND SEAS. I am very humbled by the review. Since a child, I have had a fascination with our Great Lakes. As a teenager, the sinking of the ore freighter, "Edmund Fitzgerald" deepened my respect for our Great Lakes. Many trips were made to the Inland Seas Museum when it was located in Vermilion so to have my story's review appear in the museum's publication is very meaningful to me. Thank you, Dr. Justice.

The Great Lakes Inland Seas Museum is now located in Toledo. I was told the museum plans to carry RUM RUN in its gift shop. That would be awesome- but so is the museum.

Dr. Justice also informed me she plans to use RUM RUN in her fall course on Great Lakes Literature. What an honor. I hope the students find the story as exciting as I am to have it included in the literature course. Again, Thank you, Dr. Justice.

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