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It's been a busy week. I was speaker for our history program at my local library, and then guest speaker for Case Western Reserve University's Shipwreck Camp. The camp teaches students 12-15 about Lake Erie wrecks and lake environment. They read, scuba dive, research and build underwater cameras and research equipment. The last day, they give presentations on Lake Erie shipwrecks they studied and the cameras, etc. they constructed. It is an awesome opportunity with staff members coming from as far as California to participate and instruct. I am very impressed with the dedication of the staff and the brilliance of the students. As part of the closing day "ceremony," I give a talk on my book and personal connection to a Lake Erie wreck. It is an honor to participate in such a wonderful event. Pictured is staff members with coordinator Kathy introducing me, campers and me (by the windows). Big, big thanks, Kathy and Shipwreck Camp!

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