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When I was invited to speak about my book and local Prohibition history by Heritage Avon Lake, little did I know my college history professor (from decades ago), Dr. Howard Ellis would be attending! It was Dr. Ellis who encouraged me to write, saying I could be the next James Michener, best selling author of historical fiction. He also was the one who advised me to use my initials in my author name. I took his advice and applied it. I regret the length of time that passed before I began writing historical fiction. While being the next James Michener and a best selling author is a tall order, without the inspiring words of Dr. Ellis, I might not have believed I had the "right (write) stuff" to attempt novel writing. Thank you, Dr. Ellis for giving me the confidence to write. It was so very good to see you again! Big thank you, to his friend and fellow professor, Chuck Fry who made this meeting possible. Your words of encouragement keep me writing! Thank you HAL President Tony T. and committee member, Judy K. for inviting me to speak to your organization.

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