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July 24, 2021. After a year of cancellations due to the Covid 19 Pandemic of 2020, my programs are being rescheduled and booked for 2021. Hurray! Should there be a resurgence in the virus that leads to another shut down, ZOOM programs may be implemented, but nothing beats a live (in person) program.

My first program since March 2020 was yesterday-Shipwreck Camp 2021 (Leonard Gelfand STEM Center at Case Western Reserve University). I am so humbled and honored to be invited back as one of the speakers for the camp's programs.

Camp students do field research, study Great Lakes ecosystems, explore lake Erie shipwrecks and learn about navigation and weather. They build robotic cameras that help them explore. Another camp requirement is reading a novel related to the lake and exploration. That's were I come in. My program discussed the inspiration behind my novel, Rum Run set on Lake Erie and the definition of historical fiction and how to research the information.

Each year, I am blown away by the students' projects and knowledge gleaned from camp. I applaud their accomplishments, dedication and enthusiasm. These are future leaders, scientists, instructors and doers!

Again, thank you so much organizer Kathy and her awesome team of counselors for allowing me to participate in your excellent program. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


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