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Busy Week

Wow, I survived 3 Rum Run programs in one week, just getting over a bad cold. I was so tired and coughed more than I liked during the programs but my audiences were great and understanding.

First was Brownhelm Historical Association at the Carriage Barn in Mill Hollow Reservation. 48 members attended. I was surprised how many. They are doing wonderful things to preserve the area's history. Thank you, Association, Marge Brill and Bill & Bonnie Cutcher. Thank you also to the member who made rum cake for the refreshments.

Next was Cascade of Authors at the Elyria Public Library's West River Branch. Eight selected authors including my friend and fellow writer, Debra Brice (Crossing Boarders) were there. We each had to do a 15 minute presentation. So much talent there. Thank you, coordinator Dan H. and Elyria Public Library. That's my husband, Roger with me at Rum Run's table.

The third event with CABBS will be in my next post.

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