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I had the privilege of being invited again as guest speaker for the 2018 Shipwreck Camp, Leonard Gelfand Stem Center based at Case Western Reserve University. This program is a blast and I enjoy participating in it. I was able to provide students with more information on the shipwreck of my great-great-great grandfather in a gale on Lake Erie. The wreckage of his vessel is still visible in shallow waters and subject of snorkeling and scuba dives. I also shared information on my writing and publishing experience as reading novels is part of the campers criteria. Camp coordinators, directors and instructors

Kathy, Jeff and Jason are so welcoming as are the camp counselors. What the campers do is simply awesome and they should be proud of what they accomplish. Camper Graham was the winner of the drawing for my book. Camp co-coordinator Kathy does a tremendous job, and I wanted a photo with her as I am so amazed by her service and commitment to Shipwreck Camp. It is unfortunate the download of the group photo cut off some participants on each side despite all being visible on the actual photograph.

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